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Corazon is proud to team up with our friends and neighbours at Mac & Wild, to serve a unique collaborative taco, the M&W Venison Carne Asada, utilizing the celebrated Ardgay Gamevenison that has become synonymous with the renowned Scottish restaurant.  Mac & Wild serves un-fussy, understated Scottish food using high-quality ingredients, much like what we have tried to do with respect to Mexico. 

The M&W Venison Carne Asada has been lovingly created by our Chef and Co-Founder Paul Daniel, and consists of lightly grilled venison topside from Mac & Wild, spiced achiote marinade, pickled turnip, crispy fried kale leaves, smoky chipotle mojo and & redcurrants.  Priced at £10 for 2 tacos and launching on Monday 15th January, the dish will be available for two weeks at both Corazón in Soho, and at Mac & Wild in Fitzrovia. 


This 31st of January we launch the first of our one-off producer led dinners aimed at celebrating our love and appreciation for independent and innovative UK producers. 

The first of these collaborations will see chef Paul team up with James Whetlor of Cabrito, the award-winning kid goat supplier and specialist. As an ex-chef, James founded Cabrito in 2012, feeling he should do something about the waste of male billy goats by the dairy industry – he thought that there had to be a better solution than euthanizing them as a by-product at a few hours old. Calling on his 10 years’ of chef experience and contacts, James set up Cabrito Goat Meat and began working with goat dairies to supply some London’s most celebrated restaurants. 

This ticketed event, priced at just £35pp, will include an introduction to Cabrito by James, followed by a 3-course Mexican inspired menu designed to celebrate the meat’s unique and complex flavour profiles. The Feast style menu for the evening: 

WELCOME DRINK ‘Corazon’ Margarita or Michelada  

CABRITO TACO BBQ Goat Leg, Avocado Leaves, Roasting Juices, Guacamole, Habanero Pepper Salsa

GOAT BIRRIA Shoulder of Goat Stew spiced with Housemade Adobo, Guajillo, Pasilla & Ancho Chiles, Mexican Chocolate, Cumin. Served with Warm Tortillas, Chopped Onions & Tomatillo Salsa

TO FINISH Mexican Cinnamon Doughnuts and Cajeta (Goats Milk Caramel)

Wednesday, 31st of January, 7:30 pm. Tickets are sold in advance, available thru Billetto 

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